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illegal. >> i'm lester holt. and this is "dateline." tonight chris hansen is in the wild, wild web. >> what you're looking at is someone suggesting on hidden camera he's a hit man. and i'm playing along as a potential client. >> i got a problem with a guy. >> okay. >> i got to take care of it. >> it feels like a scene from a movie. >> what are the options? >> what do you want to happen to him? >> what can you do? >> i can do anything. >> but he's no actor and he's telling me what he can do to a potential victim. >> he can get hurt, he can be hospitalized, a lot can happen. >> you'll see what happens with him later. but this isn't a story about a hit man. it's really a story about where we found him. of all places, in the on-line classifieds. a place where billions of people
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worldwide come to sell, share and offer services on sites like craigslist and backpage. you can find anything. apartments, cars, furniture, jobs, or even a spouse. but with just a few clicks, you can also find some very strange things. a young man offering his kidney for $50,000. >> it wouldn't matter to have two kidneys or one kidney. >> a woman selling a phoney narcotic, a drug that should only be prescribed by a doctor. >> how do you justify that? >> you ask for them. >> this man says he's selling his marijuana delivery business. >> i can do about 800 to $1,000 a day. >> these are just a few of the people behind the posts, the billions of listings in the digital universe. they may look like a few simple words on a screen, but pull back the listings and there is a world of drama. >> i think it's very dire.
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>> anger. >> now you're angering me. >> desperation. >> it could potentially save my life. >> and deception. >> your boss is selling contraceptives. >> tonight we take you behind the scenes of the on-line classifieds. a place where people live double lives. we begin with how easy it is to buy powerful and highly addictive narcotics without a prescription. and there are listings for almost any illegal drug you can imagine, in flaming a national epidemic of drug abuse. take this listing. no more pain. someone is selling narcotic painkillers, including oxycontin. we responded, and a few hours later, here comes our delivery man. >> sorry about the rain, dude. >> he hands me two pills when i greet him. >> what do i owe you? >> i hand him $80 and that's when i tell him who i am.
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i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc." >> you want to lock me up? >> i don't want to lock you up, i just want to tell you what's going on here. he knows that if i'm a cop, he'll be arrested, illegally selling narcotics on the street. people get hooked on these drugs all over america and you're involved in selling them. how do you justify that? >> he told me he was just a delivery man and this was his first and last time selling pills. >> i was just doing a friend a favor, you know what i'm saying? but thank you for -- >> you're saying you're never going to do it again? >> that's exactly what i'm saying. >> and you promise. >> yes. >> and he scooted away. here's another post selling narcotic painkillers. this time we asked for vicodin. we set up a meeting with the seller, and here she comes. hey, how are you? nice to see you. how is everything? >> she leads me into a little
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boutique unrelated to our deal. for $80, she hands me an empty cigarette pack with six pills inside. >> there's six of them. >> six. and that's vicodin? >> yeah. >> apparently there's more where these came from. >> you can call me any time, day or night. >> it sound like you have a good business going. >> i keep it as tight as i can. >> the reason i'm asking you all these questions is because i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc" and we're doing a story about people who sell things on line, and in this case you're selling prescription drugs on line. >> actually, i don't know what i'm selling. >> what is this right here you just sold to me? >> something you asked for. >> so here's the problem. you're illegally selling these drugs, these prescription medicines, and these are the drugs that end up in the hands of teenage kids -- >> not really. >> -- who get addicted. what she actually sold us was the generic form of vicodin, which she implied was prescribed
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to her. >> this is my own stuff. >> where do you get it? >> from my own place. >> what place is that? >> i'm not going to get my place in trouble, absolutely not. this is my own thing. do you understand what it's like to struggle on a day-to-day living? >> do you understand what it's like providing drugs to people? >> marijuana is supposed to be legal, yet you're busted if you have it. >> this man posted an offer on craigslist to sell a list of his marijuana clients, and our meeting is going to get off to an interesting start. >> i get that all the time. >> come to think of it, you do look like that guy. >> i get that all the time. it's disturbing, lester. you go to one of those sites and punch something called pain
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relief, and you have the option of buying all these drugs like you saw us doing, like vicodin and oxycontin. you set up a time and place, you give them the money, you get the pills. there is an epidemic of this kind of drug use among college students. >> what's the next story? >> the next guy goes by the name of dr. love and he does an entire drug business. >> i can make about 800 to $1,000 a day. >> would you buy a kidney on line? >> how desperate are you? >> i'm desperate for my children. >> when "wild, wild web" continues. friend is getting mard in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them.
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we were beginning to realize how wild the world of the on-line classifieds really is. here is an interesting one. established 420 delivery business for sale. what's 420? that's street slang for marijuana. someone was claiming to be selling a list of his marijuana clients. we responded, and the seller suggested we meet him outside central park in new york. >> how you doing? >> i'm cool with it, man. >> meet robert adkins. >> i have nothing to hide. >> from the start, he wants to make sure that our undercover producer isn't really a cop. >> i'm not a cop. don't worry about it. >> not good enough for me. i don't talk beyond this point. >> our producer shows him his identification and adkins opens up. >> as a delivery guy, i can do about 800 to $1,000 a day.
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>> all profit s? . >> oh, yes, 100%. you can sit on your ass for a month and do nothing, either. that's the cool thing about it. >> wefor $15,000, adkins says he'll sell us a list of his high-end marijuana customers and a crash course on drug dealing. >> you say here it is, this is your client, here's the guy you bought the product from. i'm willing to sit down and train someone. >> he says his pot supplier in california can simply mail us our stash. >> if you send off moneygram, he sends it to you in one day, ups to your door, designated address. mail order weed is a way of life. >> our producer says he's interested, but first he'd like adkins to meet his business partner. that would be me. so we set up another meeting. >> good to see you. >> all right.
2:12 am
>> he recognized me right away, but doesn't seem to mind he's going to be on tv. >> you do look like that guy on nbc. >> here's the thing, robert. i am that guy on nbc. >> can you say the marijuana dealers on craigslist. >> selling marijuana in large amounts is a felony in new york. but that doesn't seem to be bothering adkins in the slightest. >> i'm not ashamed of what i do, because let's face it, there's a lot of hypocrisy involved. nobody wants to touch it but everybody smokes it. if people were going to abuse drugs, and they're going to do what they want and make it look bad. but i can call up four people that i deal with who have cancer, who are wholeheartedly great, honest people that health care was too expensive to pay.
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>> he said it was one of his clients who gave him the name dr. love. >> dr. love came from a guy who smoked it for medical reasons, but the guy shakes. you put the marijuana in his mouth and he relaxes. that's when i feel i'm doing my job. >> adkins even sees himself as a kind of healer. >> i would grow marijuana and literally give it to people. when you're relieving him, you feel like to a degree you're doing god's work. >> but he realizes what he's doing is illegal. >> but you want to get out. >> i want to get out from the perspective of having to watch my back to do it. >> do you carry a gun? do you worry about somebody robbing you? >> no. i deliver to people who are down in this area, you know, doorman, buildings, co-ops, people who own penthouses. being a pothead is like a cult.
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>> adkins admits, like millions of others, he's a creature of the on-line world. what is it about craigslist as a phenomena? >> craigslist is a place where people can run and do their dirt. i had a guy ask me could i kill his wife one time, man. >> really. murder for hire? >> yeah. he was like, i put an ad on craigslist and no one responded. that's the type of crap on there. coming up, a hit man may not be as far-fetched as you think. we may have just found one ourselves. >> it seems like you're advertising a business to kill people. that's later. but next, madonna tickets to a sold-out show. think they're for real? listen to his fake-out. >> where did you buy them from? then watch our stake-out. >> you tried to scam us out of
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to borrow money for a car or to rent an apartment, you also need proof of income and steady
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employment. and if you don't have that proof, no problem. there are listings in the on-line classifieds offering fake documents, even if it's illegal. take this ad offering proof of income packages, pay stubs, even tax returns, all counterfeit. so we ordered documents for a person who doesn't even exist to make it look like he had a real job with a real income. we were directed to pick up the documents in a new york suburb. >> hey. how you doing? >> i'm alana martin. >> a woman who said her name was alana martin is waiting for us and hands over the fake paperwork. alana's work is quite impressive. the documents she created for us made it look like we worked for time warner, making $165,000 a
2:19 am
year. she also made us a fake w-2 to make it look like we pay taxes. >> you might want to count that out. >> by the way, making these documents is a felony. yet alana says business is good. >> what kind of clients you got? >> a few people hit me up a day. >> if we needed other kinds of fakes, like diploma as or college transcripts, she says there are web sites out there that can help us. >> so you can get harvard. >> not anything medical or legal. you can't be a lawyer or doctor. >> is it the real harvard thing, though? >> yes. everything is legit on this. >> we bought this fake harvard diploma on line and found many other listings offering all kinds of counterfeit documents. we bought college transcripts, diplomas, bank statements and fake i.d.s. we ordered another set of documents from alana. this time i came along to pick
2:20 am
them up. >> that's the 1040. >> and this is the w-2. >> those look good. is there any way they could scout this as fake? >> no. but they will ask you for your bank. they'll ask for verification of someone's number to verify your employment? >> could i give them your number? >> too many people asked me to do it and i couldn't remember everyone's information. >> this must be a good little side business for you. do i have to protect in you any way? >> no. >> so we're cool. >> uh-huh. >> you get all your customers on line, huh? >> uh-huh. >> it's good-looking stuff. so what do i owe you? >> 175. >> alana, the reason i'm asking you all these questions is i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc" and we're doing a story about all the different things that
2:21 am
are advertised on line. this would appear to be illegal, what you're doing here? >> i'm just helping people if they want an apartment or car. that's it. >> but it's falsifying documents? >> i understand that. >> fraud? that's when alana sees our cameras and decides she's done talking. >> is there anything else you wanted to say? now, remember, alana made no secret of the fact that her business was selling fakes. but there are other people who sell things in the on-line classifieds as real. the question is, are they? take this post. four madonna tickets at madison square garden in new york, $350 apiece. only serious inquiries, please. wow, madonna tickets at face value for a sold-out show. a "dateline" producer and i set up a meeting to buy two of them. the seller tells us his name is
2:22 am
eric. he suggested we meet at a train station in new jersey. >> so how much? >> 350 each. >> 350 each. >> eric gives us two computer-generated tickets that look real to us. madonna, madison square garden, monday, january 21st. so we tell him we need to get more cash to pay him. and our producer takes the tickets with her. in the meantime, i chat up our seller. so how do you get the tickets? >> i bought 'em. >> where did you buy them from? >> ticketmaster. >> ticketmaster. the on-line ticket merchant for thousands of events. now, our producer hasn't really gone to an atm. she is actually on the phone with ticketmaster. they agreed to tell us in advance whether the tickets are real or fake. of course, while the seller and i wait, he sticks to his story.
2:23 am
>> so we won't have any problem using those. >> no. they scan the bar code and you walk right in. >> and those are legit? because you see a lot of these things on craigslist where people are selling all kinds of different tickets. >> finally our producer gets confirmation from ticketmaster and calls me. eric is still wondering about the cash, but i assure him he'll soon be getting everything he deserves. >> she's got the money. ticketmaster confirmed the tickets were fake, and it wasn't that hard to tell. remember, the date on the ticket is monday, november 1st. slight problem. november 1st actually falls on a thursday.
2:24 am
and as for madonna performing in new york's madison square garden that night, she's actually going to be in st. louis. so now it's time to settle our deal. good to go? awesome. the reason why i know this is a fake ticket is on november 1st, madonna will be playing in st. louis, not at madison square garden. so why don't you tell me where this really came from. >> what do you mean? >> where did you get this? >> ticketmaster. >> we just talked to ticketmaster and they told us this is a counterfeit ticket. you lied about this ticket, you tried to scam us out of $700. >> all right. >> here's one other thing you have to know. i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc." >> what? >> yeah. >> we're doing this story on all the different things that go on craigslist. >> that's crazy. >> skpl and we just caught you
2:25 am
selling phoney tickets to madonna. >> hi, mom. >> why don't you just fess up and tell us what happened. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> as eric heads out, he has one last question for me. >> when is this going to be on tv? coming up, fake concert tickets are one thing, but what about real body parts? >> it could potentially save my life. >> a stunning organ donation plan and the stakes couldn't be higher. when "wild, wild web" continues. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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there are ads for almost anything at the virtual flea market. want an artificial leg? here it is. want a glass eye with realistic veins? it's yours. but what about real body parts? there are on-line listings for
2:29 am
those, too. like this one posted on craigslist. amanda needs a kidney, posted by 33-year-old amanda cemino and her husband. >> how desperate are you? >> i'm desperate for my children. >> she's had kidney disease for 20 years. now she's hoping her classified listing will find a donor to save her life. >> i have two boys age 4 and 6, and they need me. >> she's not the only one who turned to craigslist looking for a kidney. >> do you ever feel like giving up? >> many times. >> 42-year-old paula cambalargo also posted an ad on craigslist, praying to find a new kidney soon. >> there are a lot of people out there like me that need help. >> paula has had lifelong kidney disease and needs dialysis three times a week. i spoke to her during one of those procedures. >> by the time i was ten years old, they found i had kidney
2:30 am
problems. >> she had her first transplant when she was 25. >> my mom donated the first kidney. >> then that kidney failed, so paula had another transplant. but the new kidney also failed. and now she needs another to live. with more than 93,000 people in the u.s. on the waiting list for a kidney, paula has turned to the on-line classifieds to find a donor. >> it could potentially save my life, so that's the reason why i've gone to the social media to try to find a donor. >> while looking for a kidney is perfectly legal, selling one is a felony. still, there are plenty of ads on line offering kidneys for sale. so who would risk the wrath, not to mention their health, giving a kidney? here comes the person who wrote it. she said she didn't want to appear on camera. she made it clear it was her
2:31 am
unemployment that's made her so desperate. >> i would donate my kidney to whoever you can find that is a match. >> we couldn't make that promise, but she agreed to speak to us openly if we altered her appearance. so we agreed. >> how did you decide to try to sell your kidney? >> i need money. i'm heavily in debt. what way could i possibly raise money so i could eat? >> you would think she would have plenty of choices. an educated woman with a degree in marketing. she said she had a good job at an advertising agency but was laid off three years ago and hasn't been able to find a job since. >> how many jobs do you figure you've applied for? >> i've applied for probably at least 3,000 jobs. >> 3,000 jobs. >> yes. >> in the last three years. >> yes. >> her unemployment, she said, has left her heavily in debt. >> how far in debt are you? >> probably about $80,000. >> now she says she has her own
2:32 am
business idea and needs money to back it. selling a kidney, she says, is her own option. >> this is the state of the economy. people are selling body parts. >> it's hard to believe that your situation could be so bad that you would advertise your kidney on craigslist. >> that's reality for not only me but for a lot of people. >> she's right. here's another ad. healthy kidney. respond for further information. so we did. and met with this man who says his name is jim. >> sam told me about you. how you doing? >> jim told us he's a college student and was thinking about selling his kidney for $50,000 to pay his tuition. he asked us to blur his face. >> i felt like this was something where i was able to help someone's life and at the same time help myself. >> and you're okay with living with one kidney? >> i'm okay with it.
2:33 am
i mean, i've thought about this for a year. i've dane lone a lot of researc. >> even though it's illegal to sell human organs, we found it a little heart-breaking that jim was willing to do it just to pay for college. finally i told him who i was. we're not passing judgment, you're in no trouble here whatsoever. >> okay. >> you can see why we would be curious about wanting to know what your story is. >> okay. >> and it all boils down to that college tuition. you're going to need the $50,000. that's simple. >> i've talked to some friends, and they would do this, too. >> as for amanda and paula, both are still waiting, hoping their on-line ads will save their lives. >> miracles do happen, so, you know, my hero is out there somewhere, and i know it is. >> i got to tell you, that's disturbing on a host of levels. does anyone get a kidney
2:34 am
legitimate through on-line ads? >> people have gotten kidneys legitimately. and the recipient is allowed to pay for the medical expenses. the law is only broken when the donor actually profits from doing this. >> but no hospital would do a transaction where someone would profit from it? >> not knowingly, no. in other countries it's legal, but here, no. >> and there is another on-line ad. >> this one advertises practically free kitchens for sale. the problem is, when we investigated, the guy who owns the company tried to raise the roof. >> i said get off my property! >> when "dateline" continues. [ dog barking ] ♪ [ female announcer ] life is full of little tests, but your basic paper towel can handle them. especially if that towel is bounty basic. the towel that's durable, and scrubbable. in this lab demo, bounty basic is stronger than the leading bargain brand.
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low as fifteen dollars at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. the world of the on-line classifieds is the "wild, wild web" and it turns out it's even got its own sheriffs, people warning the rest of us about some of the dangers out there. like this couple. their ordeal began when they set out to remodel their kitchen and searched craigslist for a good deal on cabinets. >> you were looking on craigslist, you found this contractor, you thought it was a good deal. >> yeah. >> this is the ad they found. almost free kitchen cabinets. so they met with the cabinet man and gave him a near $5,000
2:39 am
deposit. but the cabinet man didn't deliver. >> did you ever see him again? >> no. never saw him again. we had communications through the phone, we were chasing him, you know, constantly calling him. >> when i spoke with them, they still had no kitchen. >> how long has it been this way? >> five weeks. >> i really don't believe that he does kitchens. >> when they realized they had been taken, they posted their own ad on craigslist to warn others about the cabinet man. but it came too late for this couple, scott and danielle. >> what we paid for was a beautiful, brand new kitchen. what we got was part of a beautiful, new kitchen. >> they say they also lost thousands to the same man. >> once we gave him the money, we never heard from him again. >> they even won a judgment against the cabinet man in court where he was a no-show. so who is he? we replied to his almost free cabinet ad and made an
2:40 am
appointment as potential customers. and we brought scott and danielle along to see if we could help resolve the issue. i'll go in first, and if he agrees, then we'll bring you in and try to mediate this situation. with a hidden camera rolling, i met the cabinet man. his name is john altman. john, i'm chris hansen from "dateline nbc." from the beginning, altman was not happy to see me. >> i left a job with 15 kitchens going on to come over here and meet a customer. i can't believe you waisted my time. >> i've got a list of people who say they hired you off of craigslist. >> right. >> and they gave you money and that you did not do the work. >> right. i have three people in the last three years that played game with me and did not get their kitchen. >> fair enough. he clearly wasn't thrilled when
2:41 am
i told him we brought scott and danielle along. why don't we have a little discussion with scott and danielle. >> i said get out of my office. now you're aggravating me. >> so with the music playing from a nearby ice cream truck, altman made clear that he was no mr. softy. just chat with scott and danielle for a minute. >> talk to them about what? >> about their complaint that you didn't do the work you promised to do. come on. fair is fair. fair is fair. >> goodbye. >> we asked altman in an e-mail for the names of any unsatisfied customers. we got no response. but this next on-line warning turned out to be surprising because of who posted it. beware of the scam, it warns. it's happening in the upper westchester mall in new york city outside at this kiosk where cell phone accessories are sold. like these juice packs that
2:42 am
extend the life of your battery. but they say they're bootleg, cheap knockoffs of the same thing. meet the man who made those allegations on craigslist. and how does he know? because he works here and is blowing the whistle on his own boss. >> do you think your boss has any idea that you post that hed? >> i don't think he does. quite honestly, i don't care if he does. >> why would he speak out and risk his job? because, he says, he's learned from his mistakes. in fact, he's a convicted felon. >> for burglary? >> for burglary. >> what does that say for your character as a whistle blower? >> it shows that there is reform, i guess. i don't know. when i did what i did, i was in a different place in my life. i just had a new child, i was battling drug addiction. kind of like my ethics and morals took a backseat to a lot of bad things in my life. today i'm the person i always wished i could be.
2:43 am
>> but are his allegations right? are these battery packs really fakes? we bought one at the kiosk for $79. the next day we asked chris johnson, a lawyer, to take a look at it. >> i can tell beyond any doubt that this is, in fact, a fake. without even having to look at it. >> i went back to speak to the owner of the kiosk. these are counterfeit. i know for a fact that they are. >> okay. >> and you know, too. but alved, who owns at least 11 kiosks in three separate malls maintained he had no idea these products were fakes. >> the business you're running is selling counterfeit items. so you're basically ripping people off, because it's an inferior product. it doesn't work the way it's supposed to. >> i understand. i will take them off right away. >> and he did. we came back a few days later and the kiosk was closed.
2:44 am
but it turns out ovid's claim he had no idea about the fakes wasn't exactly true. in fact, he had been warned in writing about selling counterfeits by the people who leased him the kiosks about a month before we met him. so we went back to another mall where ovid runs a kiosk to ask him about it. ovid wasn't there. but we spoke to one of his employees who happens to look a lot like him. >> we're trying to run a business. >> he wasn't happy to see me. >> if that camera man doesn't get out of my face -- >> why don't you tell me who you are and your relationship to ovid, and we can clear all this up. let me tell you right now, if you touch him -- listen, you will be in big trouble, so you better calm down right now. >> you better move. you want to get touched, too? >> that will be the last time you touch somebody, my friend, i'll tell you that. >> you better get that camera -- >> don't touch him. you will buy a whole lot of
2:45 am
trouble. >> i will break this [ bleep ] camera. >> that would be a huge mistake. why can't you just tell me what your relationship is with ovid? >> i have to go to work. >> then go to work. after our visit, ovid's employee called us and he apologized for his behavior. ovid had no further comment. coming up -- i've got a problem with a guy. >> okay. >> and i have to take care of it. >> our most bizarre encounter yet. have we crossed paths with a hit
2:46 am
2:47 am
2:48 am
this mysterious craigslist post asks, need something done discreetly?
2:49 am
nothing is impossible. what could that mean? we knew it didn't sound good, and when we answered, a man named glen glassburg responded. he even sent this picture of himself so we could recognize him. we agreed to meet him in a public place. we wanted him to think i was up to no good. let me get one thing off the top. you're not the police, are you? >> no. >> you're sure? i told him there was someone who had a thorn in my side. >> i have a guy that i don't like. >> what do you want him to have happen? >> what do you mean? >> he could get hurt, be in the hospital, whatever you want. >> so we don't have to kill him to make him go away? >> that's what i'm telling you. exactly. >> if framing my imaginary enemy
2:50 am
for a crime he didn't commit wasn't enough, glen said there are other things on the menu. >> he could be hurt in the right leg and left elbow. things can happen. >> so you do this? >> you just talk to me. >> so you have guys who do this. >> this is what we do, man. >> the subject soon turns to price. >> what are we talking moneywise? >> a grand for whatever you want done. >> what if i want him in jail, set up? >> that's no problem. >> how much for that? >> 5,000. >> 5,000? how about disappear-disappear? >> 25,000. >> so you just hire it out and keep a piece of the action? >> let me do what i do. you don't worry about who does what with me, just she me him so i can set up surveillance on
2:51 am
him. i can't just walk up to him. i have to know where and when. >> you may be asking, is glen for real? that's exactly what i wanted to know. >> how many times have you done this? >> i've been doing it for 15 years. >> 15 years. how do you learn how to do something like that? >> sometimes you do stuff and you say [ bleep ] it ain't what you thought it would be. >> what do you mean? >> the first time i did this to somebody, i didn't feel nothing but jubilation because of the money i was spending doing it. >> did you ever tell anyone? >> if i told you the last time i killed seven people, you can't prove it. >> remember, he told us his name was glen glasper on line, but was he telling me the truth? >> i need to know who i'm dealing with, you know. it's our first meeting. >> this is who i am, glen
2:52 am
glasper. >> i'll show you who i am. >> i don't need to know who you are. >> you sure? >> yep. >> you may want to know who i am. >> why? is it advantageous for me to know who you are? >> i'm chris hansen with "dateline nbc." >> i watch that show all the time. you don't look like him. >> i don't look like him? >> no. >> not at all? >> not at all. >> well, glen, i am that guy. we're doing a story on all the different things that are advertised on craigslist. we asked to you come out here to talk to you about your advertisement. >> okay. >> it seems like what you're doing, what you're advertising, is illegal. >> is illegal. >> yeah. >> let me tell you something. >> it turns out truth is stranger than fiction. in the middle of our conversation, glen gives this woman something to eat. an alleged hit man with a heart. then he asked about our cameras.
2:53 am
>> where are your cameras at? >> all around. >> is that what he's doing? >> yeah. >> then our discussion turned back to murder. it seems like you're advertising a business on craigslist to kill people, cripple people or set them up. >> it's legal on craigslist, isn't it? >> it may be legal to advertise, but what you're saying you'll do is illegal. >> i ain't saying anything. >> what do you say now? >> what can i say? what do you want me to say? i'm not mad at you. >> you're not what? >> i'm not mad at you. with craigslist, anything is possible. >> what is it about craigslist that made you want to advertise? you just told me that you made people disappear, you busted people up and you've set people up. >> uh-huh. >> those are a list of serious
2:54 am
problems. >> and what about offering his criminal services on craigslist? >> anything goes. craigslist, it's for that type of stuff. >> how many people have answered your ad on craigslist. >> a thousand. >> a thousand. >> uh-huh. >> and give me a sense for the range of what they want to pay you to do. >> a invite. they want you to set them up, sleep with their wives, do all kinds of things. >> what does craigslist have to say about that and about all the other posts we discovered? after several back and forth e-mails, neither craigslist nor provided anyone to speak with us about what we found. but we were still curious about glen. >> how much money you make on this? >> on this? the money i've made on this so far, $250,000. >> $250,000.
2:55 am
and how long have you been doing it? >> 15 years. >> we weren't sure glen understood the ramifications of our on-camera discussion about murder for hire. >> what do you think the police will say when they see this on tv? >> what can they say? they ask me a bunch of questions and they're dead. >> but you admitted to making people disappear. >> i make people disappear. there is a lot of ways to make people disappear. >> but glen, those are serious crimes, man. you're talking about killing people, busting people up. >> i didn't say killing people. i just make people disappear. i ain't never killed nobody, nothing like that. >> you busted people up. i just have people using the, the potential hit man was on his way. we're not sure the rest of his
2:56 am
story will be a walk in the park. >> as the saying goes, you can't make this stuff up. how is that allowed to happen? >> consider this, lester. every month on craigslist alone in the united states, there are 60 million new posts. and craigslist says it has fewer than 40 employees. this is virtually impossible to monitor. >> therefore, we're just looking at the tip of the iceberg. >> i think we just scratched the surface. in fact, we'd like our viewers, if they see something suspect on one of these sites, to let us know on our website and we'll investigate. >> you meet some interesting characters. >> all in a day's work, lester, all in a day oeday's work. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks f joining us. from nb, the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. good sunday morning.
2:57 am
as the president begins his second term, will the white house and republican leaders figure out how to balance the budget, or will they lurch from showdown from showdown? and how will the economy respond to what is or is not accomplished here in washington? my exclusive guest this morning will have something to say about all of this. house budget chairman and the republican party's 2012 vice presidential nominee paul ryan here for his first live interview since the election. chairman, welcome back to meat meet. >> great to be back with you. >> let's talk about this top priority of the budget battle. it will really mark the beginning of the president's second term. the debt ceiling has been raised, at least temporarily, but there are still big decisions to be made. you specifically said in the last few days that your priority is to make a big down payment on the debt. a debt crisis that you see in this country. >> that's right. >> what do you specifically require? what's the priority? what has the president got to do in your point of view? >> i'll just explain what the speaker said when we passed that bill. our goal is to get cuts and
2:58 am
reforms that put us on a path to balancing the budget in a decade. we think the senate ought to offer a budget. they haven't passed a budget in four years, even though we have a law that says we need a budget every year. we haven't seen any solutions offered by the president on how to get the budget balanced, pay down the debt, and no budget in four years. we need to figure out how to grow the economy, how to get opportunity. and if we have a debt crisis like they had in europe, everybody gets hurt. that's what we want to avoid. >> last week, senator schumer said, we'll do a budget. >> great. finally. it's been four years. >> but this is what he said has to be in it. >> you're going to need more revenue as well as more cuts to get the deficit down. i've talked to leader reid. budget claire murray. we're going to do a budget this year, and it's going to have revenues in it. and our republican colleagues better get used to that. >> so this is still a fight
2:59 am
between how much spending cuts and how much taxes. the president got his -- >> well, simpson 3w0-bowles sai let's get rid of the high tax rates. the president doesn't want that. you had $1 trillion in tax increases with obama care. new tax increases at the beginning of this month. and now they are calling for even more tax increases, and they are not calling to cut spending. they are calling for spending increases. so basically what they're saying is, they want americans to pay more so washington can spend more. that's not going to help the economy, and that is not going to close the gap and balance the budget. the reason we want to balance the budget is not to make the numbers add up. we think that's necessary for growth and opportunity. we think it's necessary to make sure that our kids don't get this debt that they won't be able to handle if we keep going down the path we are on. >> but there are certainly those in the white house who would take issue with what you said or

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